• python 3

  • napari, locan and its dependencies on standard scipy and other open source libraries

A list with all hard and optional dependencies is given in pyproject.toml.

napari, locan and napari-locan require a Qt library like pyqt5 or pyside2, which is not specified as hard requirement. Make sure to have one (and only one) installed directly or through napari[pyqt5] or locan[pyqt5].

Install from PyPI#

Install napari-locan directly from the Python Package Index:

pip install napari-locan

Extra dependencies can be included:

pip install napari-locan[test,dev,docs]

Install from conda-forge#

Install locan with the conda package manager (use mamba for better performance):

mamba install -c conda-forge napari-locan

Install from distribution or sources#

In order to get the latest changes install from the GitHub repository main branch:

pip install git+

or download distribution or wheel archive and install with pip:

pip install <distribution_file>

Install from local sources:

pip install <napari-locan_directory>

Run tests#

Use pytest to run the tests from the source directory: