We welcome any contributions for improving or further developing this package.

However, please excuse that we are limited in time for development and support.

Some things to keep in mind when adding codeā€¦


A few extra libraries are needed for development:

pip install .[test,dev,docs]

Import Conventions#

The following import conventions are used throughout Locan source code and documentation:

import locan as lc
import matplotlib as mpl
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
import scipy as sp
import pandas as pd

This is enforced through ruff following specifications in pyproject.toml.

Unit tests#

For testing we use py.test.

A test suite is provided in /src/napari_locan/_tests.

Tests can also be run with tox.


For measuring code coverage in testing we use

Configurations are kept in pyproject.toml.

Code checks#

We use black for formating and ruff for code linting.

Configurations are kept in pyproject.toml.


We use SemVer for versioning. For all versions available, see the releases in this repository.


Documentation is provided as restructured text, myst markdown, and as docstrings within the code. HTML pages and other documentation formats are build using Sphinx.

We follow standard recommendations for python documentation and the numpy conventions.

To update the documentation from sources delete /docs/sources/generated and run:

sphinx-build -b html -E YOUR_PATH\napari-locan\docs YOUR_PATH\napari-locan\docs\_build

Type hints#

We try to make use of type checking using mypy as much as possible.

Configurations are kept in pyproject.toml.

To remember#

  • The plugin is strongly linked to locan and its development procedures.