SmlmData and collections#

Localization data in napari-locan is made of point-clouds with attributes.

All localization data is kept in the napari_locan.SmlmData model as locan.LocData objects.

LocData objects can also contain a collection of several localization datasets.

Localization data#

Localization data consists of a list of localizations with various localization properties. The dataset is represented by a dataframe together with general properties, metadata and other attributes. In napari-locan a dataset is kept as locan.LocData object that is inserted in the napari_locan.SmlmData model and can be accessed by the attribute smlm_data.locdata.

For details on locan.LocData and data structures in locan please see the locan documentation on data structures


Collections contain the individual LocData objects together with aggregated properties that make up a new LocData object. Think of it as localization clusters where each cluster can be represented as a single “localization” with a center position and other localization attributes.

In napari-locan, widgets typically access the current selection of the SmlmData model. Some widgets deal with collections. In that case, the current selection of the SmlmData model must be a collection.